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MASRI has partnered with the leading and highly respected international Peterson-Control Union group to establish Control Union (Middle East) Ltd in 1991.

Control Union (Middle East) Ltd is the licensee, associate and agent of the Peterson-Control Union Group.


We offer a large range of specialized services, in three major fields: Inspection, Certification and Collateral Management.

Control Union has executed a large number of assignments covering many products and commodities including: petroleum derivates, grains, cereals, sugar, canned and refrigerated foods, feed, fertilizers, metals, chemical products, construction materials and machinery, cattle, etc.

Control Union (Middle East) Ltd is accredited by the Ministry of National Economy and Trade in Lebanon, as well as by concerned official authorities and professional organizations in all countries in which it operates, where its reports and certificates are accepted by banks, insurance companies, etc.

The company employs highly qualified personnel including experienced sworn surveyors and inspectors who are regularly trained on new techniques.
Lebanon, Syria

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