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The Firm

  • Khalil Masri, the Founder, joins the Lebanese banking sector and becomes a reference in Credit Information in the local market. 
  • Khalil Masri et Fils Sarl is established in Beirut, Lebanon as a credit information agency.
  • Khalil Masri et Fils Sarl forges a tight partnership with major international credit insurers and global information providers and becomes their privileged provider of commercial credit information.
  • Khalil Masri et Fils Sarl establishes a partnership with the Dutch Control Union inspection group (now Peterson and Control Union), to create Control Union (Middle East) Sal, the first CU operation in the MENA and GCC.

  • Khalil Masri et Fils starts to introduce a comprehensive range of consultancy services, including receivables management, market studies, feasibility studies and asset valuation.

  • Khalil Masri et Fils Sarl becomes the franchisee of KOMPASS products in Lebanon, offering on the market the full range of Kompass B2B products.

  • This year marks the relocation of Khalil Masri et Fils to new premises, the start of the loss adjusting and claim settling service and the launching of the first on-line enterprise information and rating service in the MENA and GCC region, with the collaboration of ORT (France) and Reuters (Corporate section).

  • Khalil Masri et Fils becomes a founding shareholder in The Lebanese Credit Insurer Sal, the first licensed credit insurance company in Lebanon.
  • Khalil Masri et Fils upgrades and develops its enterprise credit rating system in order to meet the new requirements and framework of BASEL II accord.

  • The Risk, Compliance and Governance department is established, as a result of the successful and growing activity in this field.

  • Khalil Masri et Fils Sarl becomes a member of CreditAlliance.
  • Khalil Masri et Fils Sarl becomes a member of the Board of the MEREF-CCI France Liban, the French Chamber of Commerce in Lebanon. In the same year, coverage is extended to Turkey, Nigeria and other countries.
  • Khalil Masri et Fils Sarl represents Team France Export in Lebanon and takes the continuation of the activities of Business France.
  • MASRI Advisory LLC’s is established in Abu Dhabi Global Markets - ADGM (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates).